At the Beginning of the Day

Rebecca is way ahead of me with our blog, but it gave me an opportunity to think about how to get started and how our blogging will be a conversation about our work with students and teachers. Since she is spending a lot of time reflecting about her work “at the end of the day,” I am going to frame my posts around my thoughts “at the beginning of the day.”


Because in administrator-land, I often start my day with one idea or plan, and it shape-shifts. Sometimes it is totally unrecognizable at 3:00. Case in point: yesterday I thought I would be dropping in for a couple mini-observations during my only unscheduled block of the day, but stumbled upon young love in a stairwell and had to make sure both students went back to class. Oh well.

“At the beginning of the day” will be my thoughts and intentions for each day and the ups and downs of what actually happens.


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